The KP Kayak Compact Ergo is designed for and targeted towards gyms, schools, home gyms or any location where space is at a premium, or easy transportation is preferred. As with our KP Kayak Compact Ergo version Ergometer, the COMPACT features the same delay-proof catch, same on-the-water feel and robust construction.

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Unique features of the COMPACT:

  • Telescopic / Extendable Kayak Platform It can be used in a reduced operating / work space.
  • Super Easy Transportation – It can fit in the trunk of a car!
  • Compressed size: 1.6m x 0.42m x 0.68m
  • Stand the machine on end after use for space and storage
  • Increased safety with tamperproof enclosed flywheel and rope enclosure
  • Variable Resistance
  • Easy move wheels
  • Lower height seat and work platform allowing easier on and off
  • Interchangeable Seat Options: Nelo Carbon low back seat as standard, interchangeable with Plastex, Vajda, Swivel seat, KayakPro Para Canoe
  • Comfort seat adaptations. Simply fit the seat from your kayak!
  • Adjustable height and angle seat fittings.
  • EZ - Slide footrest

Ergo Dimensions:

Closed for storage: 1.4m (l) x 0.6m (h) x 0.4m (w)

Shortest usable setting:
Opened out for use: 2.0m (l) x 0.6m (h) x 0.4m (w)
Safe working area: 2.5m (l) x 1.75m (w) x 1.8m (h)

Longest usable setting:
Opened out for use: 2.5m (l) x 0.6m (h) x 0.4m (w)
Safe working area: 3m (l) x 1.75m (w) x 1.8m (h)
Closed for storage: 4’ 7 1/2” (l) x 1’ 11” (h) x 1’ 4” (w)

Shortest usable setting:

Opened out for use: 6’ 6 1/2” (l) x 1’ 11” (h) x 1’ 4” (w)
Safe working area: 8’ 3” (l) x 5’ 9” (h) x 5’ 11” (w)

Longest usable setting:
Opened out for use: 8’ 3” (l) x 1’ 11” (h) x 1’ 4” (w)
Safe working area: 9’ 11” (l) x 5’ 9” (h) x 5’ 11” (w)

The onboard console:

The KPC on-board console comes included with your KPC Ergometer. It displays:

  • ANT+ Compatible Heart Rate
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Stroke Rate
  • Speed
  • Power Output in Watts
  • Work Done in K/Cal
  • Pace
The on-board console is able to receive input of the performing athlete's weight. It is important to input the user's weight in order to ensure that the data output for each KPC Ergometer is specific to the weight of the athlete that is using it. If no athlete's weight is entered, a default weight of 75 kg or 168 lbs is automatically used. Please refer to the ON-BOARD CONSOLE INSTRUCTION MANUAL (PDF) for information on how to enter athlete weight. The standard On-Board Console should be calibrated each time the Trainer is used – this will ensure consistency and accuracy of data output and consistency between other KPC Ergometers.

KPC Assembly Manual (PDF)
KPC Assembly Manual- print out (PDF)
On-board Console Manual

Price: Contact us direct for special offers, club and association discounts.

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